We recently got some time to explore a huge chunk of Far Cry 5’s open-world. About a third of the games overall map size was available to run around n’. Way too much to be able to see everything in the honor and a half we were given. However most of that free time we decided to spend helping to set up a particular regional event. That we were assured would bring a much-needed morale boost to the community of foals end. So we were going to make sure that the 46th annual testicle festival went off without a hitch. Here’s what we learned.

The mastermind behind the testee feste is Casey.

“You know what this town needs balls”

A cook who works at the spread-eagle bar at Falls End. He’s adamant that the festival should go ahead despite the cultists moving in on the land and the looming threat of civil war. In between dicing onions and waxing lyrical on the healing powers of balls. He’ll charge you with freeing with festival supplies from storage in hides barn. Where his mate Kenny has been putting his life on the line to protect them. You can’t say these fellas don’t have their priorities straight.

I am NOT going down as the cook who failed to serve up huevos with a side obvious

So having the cojones it takes to carry out a dangerous mission like this.

We started to make our way to the old barn and quickly remembered just how difficult it is to stay on target in a Far Cry game.

Instead of going directly to the barn we tried to display a mailbox, believe attacker truck, went caught tipping with Molotov cocktails, went for a swim, man is ami Turkey free to civilian from some cultists by setting fire to them. And we may have accidentally scorched the civilian a little bit too. Watched a wolf murder a bunch of bad guys and scare their dog away. Dirt a bunch more people. Hit a bull with a quad bike. Plus did a wicked sweet jump, and got into a fight with a helicopter.

What felt like a very very long time later, we finally reached the barn. But it wasn’t quite as simple as collect supplies take supplies home.

One of these damn vultures gobbled up the key to my barn.

Kenny dropped the ball, or balls and allowed a vulture to eat the keys to the barn. Of course that meant we were tasked with shooting them down and of course the keys were inside the last vulture dropped. No thanks to Kenny. But to be fair to him, Kenny did coin the term Testament Christmas and he did come through with a very important looking clipboard to make sure everything was in order before we escorted the festival truck back to Casey. Mission accomplished.

Well kind of there’s always one more thing. But the success of testicle Christmas relies on more than just decoration alone.

We need bowls lots of bowls. Now partly the festival serves them boiled fried baked steamed cured you name it. Just don’t ask what’s in the nuts cream.  Some things were better off not knowing anyway Casey needs prairie oyster three ways before the festival can really get underway. Those three ways being shredded rare and on fire. The shredded bollocks will need very particular delicate tools to get the job done. The roasted variant is pretty straightforward in description if not in the actual obtaining there of.

The tricky ingredients are the rare bowls, which must be obtained quote while the bull is playing hide the salami. It’s dangerous but apparently it’s the tastiest delicacy of them all. So we headed to a field released some ladies to go party with the choices candidates.

And then let the music do the rest.

Well that was the plan at least. But it turns out Bulls don’t like getting shot and they’re actually quite resistant to bullets. They new yeah we got there in the end. Though no that’s murder she screwed you’re welcome .

Anyway with all that done that you can head back to KC with a few minor deters. He’s got the testee feste all set up and actually gets quite emotional about how much what you’ve done means to him and the community. It’s times like this that remind us of what really matters our friends and family. Bowls bringing families together anyway after all that hard work you deserve a break.

So go ahead and enjoy a little musical or two and enjoy the party. Let’s just see where the night and the morning after takes us.

What a night?

Anyway the testicle festival was just one questline that we tried during our time with far cry 5. We also went to a pumpkin patch and rescued throw firmer from cultists. Insuring that he’ll be on site to help aside in a pinch from now on. Sight note fYI we discovered the he won’t be the only animal players will be able to recruit in Far Cry 5.

We got into another disastrous fight with a helicopter and liberated an apple packing facility from some bad guys. The R and a half we had with the game unsurprisingly went pretty fast. And we didn’t even make a dent and exploring the huge open world. It was a lot of fun certainly familiar to us as far cry fans. Which I guess could be a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it .What do you make of what we’ve seen a far cry 5 so far let us know in the comments and for more gameplay. You can check out our full let’s play of this section of the game which should be on screen. Know don’t forget to Like and subscribe if you enjoyed and thanks for watching.

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