Hey there. Last video we talked to Dan Hay, the creative director behind Far Cry 5. Today, I’m talking with Phil about the game’s mechanics, loot boxes, and he answers a very important question. You don’t want to miss it. It’s all coming up right after the intro.

Hey guys, Charles Powers here with Phil. You are the associate producer behind Far Cry 5, right? I don’t know why I said that as a question. But, super excited to talk to you today, man. Thank you for your time. So, I’ve played about an hour and a half of the game so far. Have a lot of questions from our readers and our fans, and people who, I guess, watch us.

First off, of course, I have to talk about loot boxes, right, like that’s the huge thing that’s going on. You guys have made the decision not to have any loot boxes. Can you tell me a little bit about that, and how you guys, why you guys decided to do that, because Far Cry, you know, we never really had loot boxes, so.

– That’s it, that’s right. On Far Cry, we won’t have any loot boxes. For us, I think, the idea was really to be generous with the player. I mean, the game’s always been about freedom, about giving multiple options to players, and we want the players to be able to experience that right from the get-go. So as you stumble upon probably in Fall’s End, you had a vast array of weapons or guns for hire that you could choose from, and that’s really the beauty of Far Cry.

That’s where the magic really happens, is you stumble upon Hope County, you meet those characters, and you just want to help them right from the get-go. So we decided to just give that to the player, and just give distractions, that’s what we like, right? Like, you think you have a plan, and then two minutes later, you’re like, whoa, what am I doing, what’s happening? So, that’s the beauty of it.

– Right, okay. So of course, there’s a lot of returning gameplay elements. You’ve got the awesome, the minimal HUDs, you’ve got all these awesome new gameplay elements that are very, very, very similar and feel awesome. Can you tell us a little bit about what’s different? What can we, gameplay wise, what can the gamers expect that’s different?

– I think from our research in Montana, and we really wanted to create an experience that was true and it felt believable and it felt real. So when we actually went on-site, we looked at the space, and it’s gigantic. It’s beautiful, it’s savage, right?

We wanted to capture that and one thing we felt was super interesting and we had to get in is a plane. Just the feeling of flying above from that angle and that perspective, and just seeing Hope County and being able to spot different landmarks was just amazing.

So having that as a gameplay opportunity, but also as just a way of traveling and just like, you know, chilling out, relaxing and just flying above and just wing suiting down or parachuting down. I feel like this moment where you’re just above the clouds and you can see all the Project at Eden’s Gate and all those guys kinda running around, and then you can make your own decisions. Like where am I going, what do I wanna do? I just felt natural to put it there, you know? In the context of Far Cry 5.

– Yes, awesome, okay, so, what about the weapons? We gotta talk about weapons when we talk about Far Cry. Well, what about those?

– I mean, the weapons, we’re a first-person shooter. We wanna give you the optioning of just customizing your weapons the way you want. I’m a stealth player, I love going into an outpost and just looking at all those different vantage points and trying to create a tactic, basically.

So we got a bow, obviously, we got the silenced weapons, but we also have slingshot. I don’t know if you had the optioning of playing it but just a one arrow slingshot, it’s amazing. You can go in, melee combat also is new. So you can come in with your baseball, just like your pure American sport. I mean, yeah, it’s great.

– That’s awesome, okay. I wanna talk a little bit about the co-op and the progression, can you give us a quick overview of what that’s gonna look like, what that feels like?

– So again, Far Cry is all about expanding the possibilities for the player. On Far Cry 5, we had co-op, it was great, but it was limited to all the open world aspect. This time around, we wanted players to be able to invite friends for hire, there we call them, to help them in their quest against the Project at Eden’s Gate. So you’ll be able to invite a friend over to really help you in your quest.

You know, in your missions, in your sidequests, in any activity. So as a player, you’re gonna be able to progress and it really kind of duplicates the amount of chaos and randomness and it just just makes the game, you know, for me, it’s really about the, as a kid when you were playing in a sandbox and you had kids over, or friends over, and you’re like, okay you’re a gunman coming into my game, so let’s go that, like we’re playing cowboys now and then you flip it over, and it’s like okay, there’s a dragon and it’s like, really, okay, yeah cool. So that’s for me, that’s the fantasy of playing co-op in Far Cry.

– Okay, you touched on so many things there. I do wanna go back and talk a little bit about the hunting, because for people like myself, that’s been an awesome part of previous Far Cry games and now we have fishing. So I guess in the grand scheme of things, with all of these new, the new fishing element, the returning hunting element, how do you guys pair that with exploration?

– Yeah, exactly, discovery for us is one big topic and anything can entice you to discover more. Like hunting or fishing spots. I know there’s multiple rivers and lakes that you can find different types of fish. So that’s pretty cool, and there’s even a local fishing contest so you can enter that local fishing contest and try and get the biggest or the tiniest fish, but yeah, it’s really there.

We want players to kind of veer off their main path, right? We want players to discover, meet people, meet characters. Like, you’re gonna meet Grace Armstrong at a church and she’s gonna actually ask you to help her in her quest against Project at Eden’s Gate and that feeling of enticement.

Like, you’re going that and you’re recruiting Grace as your guns for hire and then a minute later you’re fighting a bear in a cave on fire and whatnot. So that’s really part of what we call anecdote factory. We want the players to be able to kind of like, the next day when you’re talking to a friend about the game. Your experience is totally different than mine, so it makes the game fun to play but also fun to watch.

-Yes, awesome, okay, I have one last question. This may be the most important question of all. Wolverine versus honey badger, who would win?

– Oh man, okay, so I’m, I don’t know. I’ve got a personal vendetta against Wolverines, ’cause in my life, I had one close encounter with a wolverine and it’s vicious. You don’t see it coming, it’s huge. Actually, I did some reading on wolverines ’cause I was that scared, and it’s like just a pound animal and it’s super sneaky and it’s actually the most carnivorous, if I can say that. Like, a meat lover animal ever. So I would say Wolverine by far.

– Awesome, okay guys, you heard it here first. Wolverine, hands down. Dude, Phil, thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate it. The game was fun, it was awesome, it was visceral, it was just an amazing experience. Really just calls back to Far Cry and why we love that franchise in the first place. So thank you so much for your time. Thank you for all the love and just the sleepless nights I know that you put into the game. So I really appreciate it, thank you.

– Awesome, thank you for your time, man.

– Hope you enjoyed my chat with Phil. I’m very excited for Far Cry 5, guys and we have a lot more exclusive content coming your way so be sure to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss it. As always, drop your comments or questions below. Thanks for watching, I’m Charles Powers and I’ll see you in the next video. Until then, keep calm and game on.

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