Far Cry is like the beauty of nature because it is the boom of boom, and with Far Cry 5, the recreated wilderness is particularly high. Unlike Kyrat or the imaginary Rook Islands, Montana’s forests, farms, and highways will feel familiar to so many players – that means developers need to capture every detail. , from wildlife to logos on roadside shops to tree bark, to help Hope County feel like a convincing place.

“We needed to change the way we prepared ourselves,” says Isaac Papismado, graphic assistant on Far Cry 5. “In the past, we used the internet, we used a lot of secondary sources, books, things like that. Whereas now, we really want to go onsite with a team with cameras, and get as much as we can.”

That means taking a series of trips to Montana, where the developers walk into the small town and the wilderness. They knew Montana’s ecosystem, wildlife and humans, and took thousands of photographs, many of which were used to reproduce the landscape in a process called image measurement.

Using measurements of digital images, objects such as trees, vegetation, buildings, and even the photographer was taken from many angles and scanned to create lifelike 3D objects. This technique has not only led to some of the most detailed environments that Far Cry has known, but to a few unexpected things that have made the story successful.

“When Richard, our lead on biomes, came back and scanned a birch, and there was actually a heart shape with initials and names, and we’re like ‘this is awesome!’” says Associate Producer Philippe Fournier. “This is the level of detail you can find in some of the assets. We can tweak it and make it story-based, but getting that sort of detail is definitely a first for us.”

The photo of the group ended by announcing not only the look of the environment of Far Cry 5, but also the way the structure of the game world. Like the real Montana, landscape of Far Cry 5 is littered with signs and billboards, and they are not just clothes; They are there to alert you where you are, directions to specific businesses or locations that can be helped, and even unlocked intel on good fishing spots. And a great part of creating those messages is branding.

“Every logo is almost a character in and of itself,” says Fournier. “You’re always asking, ‘what’s the history behind that? Who’s the owner? What’s next, where can I find this person? I see there’s a shop, maybe I can find this shop somewhere?’ And it attracts you to go and find it, so it ties into the exploration of the world as you see those signs.”

One other important part of understanding where you are in the business, often named for regions or their town, or after the person operating them. Actually, Assistant Marco Beauchemin said graphic, it is not unusual in the process of developing a business and its brand to grow from these characters appear in the story.

“We have that guy from the narrative, and that guy should have a marina, so let’s give that guy’s name to the marina,” says Beauchemin. From there, that name becomes part of logos and signage, radio ads, billboards, and even vehicles associated with the marina, all of which make that marina feel more like a real place instead of just a point of interest on your map.

Another thing that came out of the branding process was the identity of the resistance movement you’ll build in Hope County, which stems from the Hope County Cougars, a local baseball team. Starting out as a sign to dress up a part of a baseball field, the team’s branding spread to pennants and promotional calendars in the game’s bars.

All of these elements combine to create a rich backdrop for an explosive adventure to liberate Hope County from the grip of The Project at Eden’s Gate cult. Far Cry 5’s world is packed with activity and danger – not the least of which comes from the bears, wolves, skunks, and feared wolverines that might complicate a mission by attacking at any time – and its version of Montana is a beautiful, diverse place to explore.

Far Cry 5 will launch on PS4, PC, and Xbox One on February 27, 2018. To find out more, check out our previous Far Cry 5 coverage.

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