In Far Cry 5 you’ll be fighting cultists to free small town America, and there’s a lot to take in. Here’s 19 small, but awesome details you have see.

  1. You can vault car bonnets.
  2. All the plane dials work.
  3. Your sniper buddy congratulates you.
  4. You can pet the dog.
  5. All the houses are fully modelled.
  6. Bobbleheads.
  7. Kill two people with one bullet.
  8. You can’t shoot through trees.
  9. Enemies will help each other out.
  10. You can acctually hurt the dog.
  11. Your guns get covered in blood.
  12. Not everyone is trying to kill you.
  13. See where the fish are when fishing.
  14. Don’t be a hitchhiker.
  15. You can totally steal a tractor.
  16. Casings are accurately modelled.
  17. Explosions affect the world.
  18. Animals fight realistically.
  19. Bulls are the new honey badger.

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