At the centre of the game is the Montana deputy sheriff who you’ll be playing as. Rather than giving you a predefined character, like in Far Cry 3 and 4 where you played Jason Brody and Ajay Ghale, this game’s protagonist will be someone entirely of your own choosing. A character creator will be provided, allowing you to generate your own combination of race, gender, and overall appearance.

In the villains corner is the Seed family who are led by “The Father” Joseph. He believes he has been chosen by God to protect Hope County from an “inevitable collapse.” Aiding him in his occupation of the area is his brother Jacob, a former military officer who deals with the cult’s weaponry; and John, a lawyer who has used his legal knowledge to acquire land for Eden’s Gate. Joining them are their half-sister Faith, who plays the pacifist in order to coerce targets into believing in Joseph’s agenda.

Standing against the cult are a homegrown resistance. So far Ubisoft have revealed three members. Pastor Jerome is a preacher whose congregation has been taken by Eden’s Gate, Mary May is the local bartender who’s father is a victim of the cult, and cropduster pilot Nick Rye is looking to bring down the Seeds in order to secure a better world for his children. Grace Armstrong is another resistance member, who we’ve seen using a scoped rifle in the E3 gameplay trailer.

The Pastor, Jerome Jeffries

Jerome was Hope County’s parish priest for more than 15 years, and was one of the first in the community to befriend Joseph Seed, the founder of The Project at Eden’s Gate. Before long, Jerome’s flock left to follow Joseph, and Jerome tried to take it in stride – until Eden’s Gate locked down the county. Not only did Jerome lose his church, but he was beaten and left for dead in the woods. Jerome survived and vowed to protect the cult’s intended victims, and as a Gulf War vet, he’s got the training and experience to lead Hope County back to the light.

Mary May Fairgrave

A lifelong resident of Hope County, Mary May used to own and operate her family’s saloon, The Spread Eagle. The bank foreclosed on the place after her parents died and money ran short, however, and Eden’s Gate took it over for pennies on the dollar. Watching the cult swallow up her birthright is a bridge too far, and she’s ready to take back the Eagle – and Hope County – by any means necessary.

Nick Rye (Gun for Hire)

Nick comes from a long line of military pilots, and his decision not to enlist created a deep rift between him and his father. Instead, Nick took up the family legacy in a different way, waging war against farm pests as a cropduster pilot and trying to start a family with his wife, Kim. Lately, though, Eden’s Gate has been making his life difficult through its aggressive attempts to buy his cropdusting business, and as the situation in Hope County heats up, it seems war has finally come to Nick’s doorstep. And this time, he’s answering the call.

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