The plot revolves around Project At Eden’s Gate, a doomsday cult that have moved into Hope County and started seizing the locals through both coercion and force. Led by Joseph Seed and backed up by his three siblings Jacob, John, and Faith (known as The Heralds), the cult take the traditional right-wing American values of freedom, faith, and firearms to their very limits.

Those who do not embrace the cult willingly are maimed, tortured, and killed. The game’s trailer and artwork depicts several people with words like ‘sinner’ carved into their flesh, signaling just how serious the Seeds are about using violence to spread their faith.

In the opening act of Far Cry 5, police officers are dispatched to Hope County with the intention of arresting Joseph Seed. While at first it appears that he’s willing to come along quietly, things soon go south, and the deputy sheriff leading the arrest finds themselves stranded in the middle of very hostile territory. That sheriff is you, and so starts your journey through Far Cry 5’s story.
While we don’t know the details of the plot beyond that moment, we do know that how you progress through the story is entirely up to you. After the intro, you can explore the world and do missions in any order you please. This means your first ten hours in Far Cry 5 could be completely different to a friend’s if you both head out from the starting point in opposite directions and complete missions and activities in different regions.

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